Thursday, December 18, 2008

Walking in a winter wonderland (or sliding)

The snow outside my window is sparkling like diamonds. We're expecting nearly a foot more tonight. They keep pushing back the time the storm will hit. I figure any storm that makes it snow on Vegas has got to be bad. Which almost certainly will result in a snow day. They define a snow day as a day that is too dangerous for kids to travel too and from school. And what's the first thing kids do with a snow day? My kids can't decide whether to build a snow fort first or go sledding.

Me, I vote for the sledding.


Shupe said...

You can take mine with too!

I still chose to stay out of it best I can.
I have had to carpool this week, because my lil car just won't do it!
Makes my nerves a bit happier though!

Glad to see you're at least enjoying what you have around ya!

Kelly said...

This has certainly been the week for this sort of thing. Our ice melted today and it's supposed to hit 60 degrees tomorrow.

Laoch of Chicago said...


YELLOW said...

Snow fort snow fort. Me loves snow forts.

Hope you are good and trebilly is like a step up from doubley.
And i will get around to it.

Yime of year takes me away from blogging.
Hugs and love


Jeankfl said...

I hope you stay inside out of the snow. I'd hate to have you hurt or killed on the ice!LOL And can Chris' spelling GET any worse?? I feel for his kids and their spelling lessons!LOL