Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Adventures in Cleaning

I have emerged victorious in the battle to reclaim my dining room! After tackling the huge pile of paper, I have discovered a beautiful table underneath. I have cleaned out cabinets and drawers in the kitchen, baskets and shelves in the living room, pulled out all the furniture and dusted baseboards, vaccuumed crevices and scrubbed spots out of the carpet. Two large bags of trash, another (and a box) for donation. You know that cabinet you have you never go into? You know, the one that has all those weird vases and dishes that you don't know what to do with. Well, I went into mine, and found a bottle of white grape juice from when I moved in (3 years ago). Ewww. It was brown. Why was it there? I have no idea. I don't keep food in there.

Among other things I found when cleaning? A piece of mail from last December.

How come I never find a forgotten stash of money?

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Complete lack of organization

The girls are going off to the State Fair with their father and stepmother tonight. I'm kind of excited about it because, wow, do I need to clean. Not the scrub it down kind of clean. The purge kind of clean. I have so much paper laying around the house that it might even be a fire hazard. And I can't find anything! I haven't even gone through all the papers the girls brought home at the end of the last school year! So those are my big plans.

If I don't update soon, call the paramedics, a big pile of paper fell over and buried me!!!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Better Now

So I wore the crazy heart monitor for about a week, decided that I needed to work on this myself and did some research. I just had a feeling that somehow my stomach issues and palpitations were connected. I called the doc's office (I think I make them crazy, I know, hard to believe) and started asking all these questions. I also talked to them about the killer heartburn I was having. So they prescribed a medication for the heartburn. They got the transmissions for the heart palpitations. I have premature ventriculation, which apparently is annoying, but that's it. However, they were a little concerned about how quickly it came on and got worse, so they want me to see a cardiologist.

I took one of the heartburn pills and noticed that the palpitations weren't quite as bad. So the next time they started, I took a couple of Tums right away. And the palpitations went away within minutes. So needless to say I was back on the phone with the doc's office asking if there was any way the heartburn could be causing it. And they said yes!! But they still want me to follow up with the cardiologist.

So Yea! I'm feeling much better.

Monday, August 2, 2010

This is just craziness

So, a few months ago I started having these heart palpitations. Not bad or often, so I didn't really worry about it.

Then about three weeks ago, I woke up with terrible heartburn. Terrible. And nothing helped. So I eventually called my doctor to get something stronger. But she wasn't in so I ended up seeing her associate. He is convinced I am having a heart attack, even giving me an EKG. Which of course, came out fine. Then he proceeds to tell me this story about a man who came in with the same symptoms, had a normal EKG and refused to go to the hospital for further testing.

Then he went home and died.

Needless to say, I went to the hospital where they took blood, gave me another EKG, did a chest x-ray, and gave me an ultrasound of my gallbladder and liver. Big surprise, everything was FINE. And no palpitations. Until I left.

I had a check up scheduled for last week, so when i went to see my doctor, I mentioned the palpitations (which were getting stronger and more frequent) and it actually happened WHILE I WAS THERE!!! So the nurse grabbed my wrist and felt it. I have never been so happy to be validated in my whole life.

They decided it was probably my Thyroid, took more blood and check that. Nope.

Now they have me on this 30 day heart event monitor. Basically I have this little box attached to leads which are attached to my body. When I feel the palpitations coming on, I push a button and it records it. And if the event is strong enough the machine will start taping it by itself. Then I call it in and transmit the data over the phone.

The first day I had it, the thing was going off so frequently I couldn't keep up with it. Then the next day it was much better. The day after, not so much. Back and forth.

My mother emails me today and says she has been diagnosed with Hyperparathyroidism, and oddly, I have almost all the symptoms. One of which is heart palpitations. So now I have a call into my doc about that. I na way that would be nice, cause it's easily fixable.

But I guess we'll see.