Friday, December 26, 2008

The Best Christmas Ever

After opening the two beautiful handmade ornaments, reading the poems and cards my kids made, Shannon came and sat next to me.

"Mom, was this your best Christmas ever?" she asked.

"I think maybe it was" I replied, "why?"

"Because that was my wish when we broke the wishbone at Thanksgiving, that you would have the best Christmas ever" she said.

Trying to not cry, I grabbed her, hugged her and said, "There couldn't have possibly been a better Christmas".

How lucky am I?


Shupe said...


I'd give both of you a hug too if I could.

Aren't daughters just amazing that way?
Mine said it was HER best Xmas ever.
I think every year is just as special as the last!
Congrats darling!

Kelly said...

That is so sweet! What precious girls you have.

Jeankfl said...

What a sweet heart that child has!! She'll get it beat up over her life.. that's what life does! She's so precious.. you're a blessed woman!

Laoch of Chicago said...

Very gratifying. She is no doubt headed for big things one day.