Monday, December 8, 2008

Mom, Is he the Real One? Is he?

"I think he is" Emma says excitedly. I try to look through the sea of people, but all I can catch is a small glimpse of red.

"I don't know hon. I can't see him".

"It is him!" Shannon squeals, "You can just tell! It's not one of his helpers."

Finally we get to the front of the line and I can see him. The Man in the Red Suit. And wow, he does look like the real thing. The girls run over with their lists, both so nervous they can barely contain themselves. He takes a look at Emma's letter in which she explained to him that she has had a hard time behaving because she misses her cat too much, and he says, "I remember your cat. He was a really great cat. Of course you miss him." And then he talks to them for a few minutes, gives Emma a hug and they get their picture taken.

"It is, Mom! That is the real Santa!" Shannon exclaimed, running over.

"You know, I think you might be right."


Auntie Di said...

It's really sweet that your kids believe. I love it that Emma explained herself in the letter. In last year's letter she admitted she had been naughty too, and then she was so overwhelmed when she still got the gift she wanted.

Laoch of Chicago said...

Nice new spot!

Kelly said...

How sweet! My boy stopped believing last year, but I wish he still did. It makes Christmas so much more fun.

YELLOW said...

But if the real Santa is in America, how. why.. how. I spoke to him today. He was in a store I visited.

He is truly magical. Dont you just love Christmas????

Hugs and love and apologies for not mailing. I am trebilly bad. Is trebbily a word? DO I have to spell it differently every time?

Love and hugs


Kelly said...

Hey! I'm an Ingrid too. I couldn't comment on that blog entry though. It didn't give me that option. Anyway, I guess we're both "unique". :)

Kelly said...

I couldn't leave a comment on your latest blog entry either. This is weird...