Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I just can't seem to get that "L" off my forehead

Sorry - I know I haven't been a very good blogger lately. We just had this domino effect with this virus in our house. Why is it the same virus that lays a kid up for 3-4 days lays me up for 5-6 or even 10? So not fair. But we are now healthy (more or less).

Poor Shannon. She got sick and came home early on Friday. For her to leave school she has to be really sick. The bad part (other than just being sick and miserable) was that she had this incredibly busy weekend planned. And it was all once a year kind of stuff.

First up was this district wide stringed instrument festival thing that Shannon was waited two years to be a part of. So I drugged her up sent her to bed for a nap, when she woke up her fever was down almost completely, so we went. And we watched her slowly get more and more pale. When we finally got home, her fever was back up so more medicine and off to bed.

Saturday she woke up and her fever was almost gone, so we decided to go to the school's pancake breakfast. Then it was off to watch a dance competition with the girl scouts. After that, it was across the street to a restaurant for pizza (which is supposed to be haunted, but that is an entirely different story). Now, I should point out that is was raining off and on all day and the temperature is in the low 40s. After lunch she begged me to walk in the parade. And even sic'd the other girl scouts on me! So I relented and told her we would walk as long as it it wasn't raining. And of course it didn't start raining until we were about 1/3 through the route. You've never seen such a quick parade. We practically ran. By the end Shannon was crying, saying her feet and hands were freezing (which they were). Back home, we took her temp and it was...

wait for it....


So, lots of tylenol and ibuprofen for Shannon


Yes, another parent of the year award for me!!!!