Thursday, April 29, 2010

Stupid viruses!

Last week I caught some sort of stomach virus. Totally wiped me out. Lasted a full week. And as the symptoms were easing and I was almost free yesterday, I woke up with a slight sore throat. Ahh allergies. Or so I thought. By noon, I had completely lost my voice. Which you would think would make me stop talking. But no. I kept right on going with people just looking really puzzled cause they can't understand what I'm saying. Then last night I began coughing and this morning I have a head so stuffed up I feel like it might explode just like the aliens in Mars Attacks.

The kicker of this is that my boss is ungoing chemo so he can't be around anyone who's sick so he can't even come to the office. Which, actually I guess is a plus.

Tonight is the first night I don't have anything planned, or should I say, there's nowhere I have to chauffuer the girls too, so I hoping I can sleep it off and be miraculously fine by tomorrow morning.

Wish me luck!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

More animal tales (tails)

OK, so last fall (October, I think), Shannon brought home two fish from school. A platy and a guppie. We went out, brought a 6 gallon tank and all the necessary accessories. Then we put in a couple more fish. And the original platy died along with one of the new platys. We now have one platy and one guppy. Always the one guppie. Then in February, as we're leaving for school, the girls start screaming about babies. I assumed they meant baby bunnies outside. Well, you know what happens when you assume.

We had a tank full of baby guppies, which I found quite confusing since there one only one guppy this whole time. What is the gestation period for guppies? Anyway, I grabbed a large measuring cup and a net and scooped out the platy and adult guppy, gave them some food, stuck a plant in the measuring cup and went to work. While I was there, I did some checking and found out that I need something called a floating grassmat for them to hide in so they won't get eaten. Now the adults can go back in the tank. But I still don't understand how it is she gave birth.

One of my friends came to the rescue and explained that guppies only need to do the big nasty once, and then can store sperm and impregnate themselves later. Repeatedly apparently, because the original group of babies numbered 8, of which 6 survived, and now we have 15. And there is a major difference in their size.

Now I'm left with the choice of finding homes for these guppies or getting a bigger tank. Or both if she keeps giving birth.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Animal tales

My kids are with their Dad this week, so I'm getting to enjoy alot of quiet time. Really, only the first 24 hours is nice. But what is nice is that I can sleep a full 45 minutes later and still get to work early! Except today.

The weather has been so nice, I opened up all the windows this morning while I was getting ready. I sat on the couch to watch a little of the news, when I hear this muttering outside. It seriously sounded like someone having an argument with themselves or imitating someone under their breath. Being that it is quite early, I went to the deck and look out. Just in time to see two little ducks waddle past my door. Muttering to each other.

I ran to the kitchen, grabbed a piece of bread to give them and ran to the front door where I promptly terrified them so badly so took off flying. Oops.

So I stood there a minute, and movement in my neighbor's yard caught my eye. It was three little bunnies chasing each other around a bush. Even though I'm sure it was some sort of territorial dispute, it looked just like they were playing tag. Around and around until one of them smartened up and turned around. The bunny and his friend both jumped and ended up high fiveing each other in the air. Then the third bunny apparently had enough and ran over to my yard to hang out for awhile. And while it was a fun way to start the day, I find it hard to believe that my boss would be amused if I told him I was late because of the bunnies and duckies in my yard.