Friday, April 24, 2009

And the fun continues.........

I can't wait until tomorrow when the officer finally calls her. Four more calls Friday, none yesterday, one so far today. My answering machine is actually full! And only with messages from her. It seems like she's escalating. She is now calling my ex and his wife as well - but still targeting me. As obtuse as he is, he's starting to worry. I contacted the schools and the daycare, because she had mentioned both in her rants. The school I'm not worried about since it's kept locked down and you have to be buzzed through the office. Afterschool care is going to make sure they have an adult with the girls at all times.

She's never threatened me with taking the girls, but she did say something about it to my ex. This is so surreal, I'm really having a hard time wrapping my head around it. And while I'm not very confrontational, she brings it out of me.

Like one of the calls - she was ranting and raving about what a bad person I was, how I'm white trash and she was born in this really affluent suburb, and I nearly picked up just so I could point out that I could trace back to two presidents as well as the british royal family (although in a very convolluted way) in my family tree while she could claim an uncle who worked for the mob. Just to push her buttons. But thankfully I listened to my not stupid side and didn't. Then she called me something so obscure I had never even heard it before and had to look it up. It's a slur that questions one's enthic background as well as insinuating infidelity. Why she thinks that would bother me, I don't know.

Did I mention I can't wait for Monday?


Tracie said...

hang in there, Monday's almost here. Have you ever looked forward to a Monday before?

Jeankfl said...

I just hate this.. I hope the officer makes an impression. I agree with Tracie, have you ever wanted Monday to get here so fast? Always makes me grateful I had great parents, when I hear stuff like this. Hope you get through it without the girls getting upset..

loural.murray said...

I hope everything works out and the cop is able to put the fear of god in her so she stops harassing you.

Good luck with that, you and the girls are in my thoughts.