Friday, January 6, 2012


So apparently Shannon did get a part in the Wizard of Oz, which is one of the reasons I haven't even remotely thought about posting.  We figured out that on any given day, I cross the river in our town 10-12 times.  Because of course the girls can't have practice at the same time.  No, why make it easy?

The girls actually gave me a shock at Christmas.  One of my friends took them out shopping for me.  I had given them $60.00 figuring that would be enough to get something.  Well, my friend told them she wanted them to give me a Christmas I would always remember.  So she had them think of all the things they tought I would like.  Shannon was so excited because, as she said, Grandma and Uncle Max always get her something they want her to have, not what she really wants.  Then she told her about how I always give my brother a list (at his request) and then he never gives me anything that is on it, which always aggravates me.  Because don't ask me if you don't really want to know.  So they shopped, came back to the office and locked themselves in the lunchroom and wrapped everything.

When we got home, I noticed there seemed to be more packages than they should have been able to buy with the amount of money.  I asked about it and the girls said that I shouldn't be asking questions that close to Christmas (I hate when they use my own words against me!).

Christmas came, and my stocking was also filled with my favorites shocolates.  We started opening presents, with the girls handing me the ones they wanted me to open.  First was the CD I had asked for, then the movie.  The third gift was a hard cover book I wanted.  Mentally totally all this up,   I knew we were already well over the money I had given them, and there were still a few more.  The next package was a movie that I had seen and commented that I would really love to have and the one after that was a box of chocolates that I love but would never buy for myself.  Then there was a cookbook I purchased for someone else and had said that someday I would have to buy that for myself.  I was so very impressed that they had noticed and remembered.

But there was still one rather large package left.  When I opened it, I started to cry.  It was this perfume that I used to wear back when money wasn't really a worry.  It alone cost more than the money I had given them.  And Emma says, "You always look at that when we are out shopping, smile and put it back.  We just really wanted you to have it."  I commented that it was just too much, and the girls just kept saying that my friend wanted me to have a great Christmas, that I deserved a great Christmas.

The next workday, I told my friend what she had done was just far too much, and she said, "it was a pleasure.  I'm just happy to be in a position to do that for you.  You really deserve it."  Then she told me about Shannon's comment about my mom and brother.  She continued "I have to tell you about your girls.  They were so happy and excited and so grateful to be able to do this.  They kept saying, 'you shouldn't do this.  Thank you so much' and when we stopped to buy the candy and I told them to pick something out for themselves, Shannon said 'you don't need to do this' and when I told her it was ok, she smiled and said thank you.  Emma just kept saying thank you and running back and forth, saying she just couldn't decide."

By this time I was bawling and she was tearing up a little as well.  I went home that day and thanked the girls.  When they asked why, I said, "for hearing me when everyone else was deaf and seeing me when  Ithought I was invisible.  You have given me the best Christmas possible, and not because of the gifts.  Because of you.  You really listened when I said gifts should be about the person being given the gifts, not about the person giving the gifts.  And because you are gracious, loving and kind girls".

And Shannon responded, "Oh, so if this is the best Christmas ever, from now on will Christmas suck?"


Jeankfl said...

What wonderful girls! I always knew you were a great mom, but this confirms it. You're teaching them what matters, and they're obviously learning it. What a great Christmas gift that friend gave you: the certainty your children ARE learning the important things you try to give them!
love and hugs,

Auntie Di said...

You have the best kids ever. And that can only be because of you. I love Shannon's comment, too, very funny. So glad you had such a great Christmas.