Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Another lesson learned

So the kids are fighting while we're getting ready for church.  I just can't take it anymore, yell at them and go into my room to get ready.  I shut the a little harder than I need to, but I just can't stand the bickering.  I realize the shirt I want to wear is in the dryer downstairs.  Now I'm really aggravated.  Walk over to the door, turn the handle and pull.  And pull again.  And again.  Begin to shake door violently when I realize I am now trapped in my room.  I yell for the girls, but no one can hear me because Shannon is blow drying her hair. 

I begin to pound on the door until they hear me.  They come to the door, I explain the situation, and apparently they think I am incompetent and cannot open a door because then they try it.  And shocker, it still doesn't open.  I have them go get a butter knife and slide it under the door.  I try to get the knife in I can push back the latch while pulling and the door will pop open.  In theory.  Doesn't work. 

I tell the girls to get the man that lives next door.  Then I grab some clothes cause it suddenly occurs to me that I'm standing there half naked.  The girls come back and tell me he can't help, he's in the shower.  Great.  I'm going have to call 911 to come get me out of my bedroom cause I'm an idiot.  Well, there's no way I'm going to do that.  I do have some pride.

So I stop and think for a minute and figure if it won't work pulling, maybe if I PUSH while trying to wedge the knife in, I'll be able to get it in far enough to pop whatever is stuck loose.  And it actually works!  Turns out it is part of the latch assembly.  The tube that slides into the door, holding the latch, somehow broke free and slide out just a little bit.  None of my doors have striker plates, so it's kind of surprising it's never happened before.

I can tell you one thing.  I'm not closing that door again.

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Auntie Di said...

Ah, one for the life blooper reel. Glad you managed to break out (of your own bedroom) on your own ;) Reminds me of the time when my kid was two. He was taking a bath & I left the room (for a second!), decided to close the door so it wouldn't get too cold in there, and when I tried to go back in, the doorknob fell off! Bonus mother-of-the-year points.