Saturday, October 29, 2011

And the world keeps on turning.....

Wow, what a Fall we've had.  Shannon was in a community theatre production of Snow White, my boss died, Shannon actually failed at something, we took part in the local haunted house contest with our neighbor and won!!!  Now Emma has a part in a local theatre production. 

Shannon attended a volleyball clinic and did really well, then tried out for the team.  Unfortunately during tryouts the pressure got to her and she totally flamed out.  But I think it was good for her because everything has always come so easily for her.  Then she got the part in Snow White, so it was all good in the end. 

My boss had been battling lung cancer for some time, but had been lying to us about how sick he really was.  We figured it out when he started calling us at home one night because he couldn't understand why we weren't at work and why it was so dark out. We couldn't make him understand it was 11:00 pm, not am.  Then he called his kids and told them no one was at the office because we all went fishing without him.  It was very sad.  He was gone within a month, leaving behind a huge mess.  He hadn't let us tell anyone he was sick, left no provisions for the company, so we had some very upset customers and very few answers.  His son and daughter decided to keep the business running through the end of the year and then reevaulate.  But they are no involved at all.  We're just trying to keep our heads above water.

Emma and Shannon both auditioned for The Wizard of Oz, and Emma was chosen, but no call for Shannon.  I'm holding out hope, but it looks pretty doubtful.

There has a been alot of excitment in our area tho.  There have been three movies filming in the area! 

I'm just kind of hoping things will quiet down for awhile, but I doubt it!!!

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