Friday, August 19, 2011

Shhh! It's a secret!

We are currently babysitting a guinea pig. Now, I really don't like them, they kind of creep me out with their little legs and giant heads. So you can imagine how I felt about this. The girls both begged me to let them watch Eddie and it was only for two days, so, OK. Well, now it's been a week. Eddie is finally going home, and you know what? I think I will miss him. We don't really have much extra space so his cage is at the bottom of the stairs. Every morning when he hears me coming down the stairs he runs over and makes these odd little noises. So I sit and pet him. He is just the funniest little creature. He actually has won me over.

Just don't tell my kids.


Jeankfl said...

HEHE.. I know you're doomed! They'll find out, and you'll be out a fortune! These things are very expensive when all is said and done. Not much to buy the guinea, but the other stuff, and food, and vet, etc.. whew! Glad I just had cats!

L e e said...

Since my old Meathead Siamese died (and I called him that lovingly!) we no longer have a pet. Well that is unless you don't count the Grackles, Doves, BlueJays and the assortment of other groundfeeders all over my back yard every day. Since the BlueJays have knocked all the bird feeders down, I refuse to put them back up - for now.