Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Complete lack of organization

The girls are going off to the State Fair with their father and stepmother tonight. I'm kind of excited about it because, wow, do I need to clean. Not the scrub it down kind of clean. The purge kind of clean. I have so much paper laying around the house that it might even be a fire hazard. And I can't find anything! I haven't even gone through all the papers the girls brought home at the end of the last school year! So those are my big plans.

If I don't update soon, call the paramedics, a big pile of paper fell over and buried me!!!


Just me said...

Hey! When you are done, wanna come over and clean up my place? Not that far from you (I think), within walking distance from the biggest mall in the NW burbs - and I can pay in margaritas!!!!

Lee said...

Every time that I clean out the that we can get both vehicles in, it just somehow gets filled back up again - but only on my side garage (lol). I think that if I had the room to do so I'd build another garage just for me! Anyway, Hi Maria! Glad to see you are still blogging even though I don't so much anymore.