Friday, August 6, 2010

Better Now

So I wore the crazy heart monitor for about a week, decided that I needed to work on this myself and did some research. I just had a feeling that somehow my stomach issues and palpitations were connected. I called the doc's office (I think I make them crazy, I know, hard to believe) and started asking all these questions. I also talked to them about the killer heartburn I was having. So they prescribed a medication for the heartburn. They got the transmissions for the heart palpitations. I have premature ventriculation, which apparently is annoying, but that's it. However, they were a little concerned about how quickly it came on and got worse, so they want me to see a cardiologist.

I took one of the heartburn pills and noticed that the palpitations weren't quite as bad. So the next time they started, I took a couple of Tums right away. And the palpitations went away within minutes. So needless to say I was back on the phone with the doc's office asking if there was any way the heartburn could be causing it. And they said yes!! But they still want me to follow up with the cardiologist.

So Yea! I'm feeling much better.


Jeankfl said...

The nerves and blood vessels leading to the heart go right by the stomach and esophagus. Why do you think so many heart attacks masquerade as heartburn? See the cardiologise anyway.. it really would be rare for plain heartburn to cause that many pvc's.. I have them all the time, but I don't have heartburn! We'll see.. irritation to the esophagus can cause lots of problems with the heart. Hope that's all it is!!

The Gaelic Wife said...

At least they are keeping tabs on the situation. Keep us updated.

Auntie Di said...

Glad you're feeling better. Definitely follow up, though. David has had some similar symptoms & had a heart monitor briefly. Of course they found nothing. Hopefully you'll have better luck. (just read your post as we've been on vacation--figures)