Sunday, January 4, 2009

Welcome to the New Year

Or as I like to think, just get everything bad over right away so you can go on to enjoy the rest of the year.

The new year was ushered in by a migraine, which was pleasant. So the bottle of chocolate wine I was going to share with my neighbor is still in the fridge. Then the girls come home from their dads (finally) with clothes that are covered with tomato sauce. They then proceed to tell me they think their Dad is drinking again (so very bad) and that his wife is pregnant (from fertility treatments).

I'm having some problem with that. First, what if she has multiples? He couldn't handle one at a time.

Second, and I know this is stupid, he's remarried and having kids and I've been on exactly one date since the divorce. And it wasn't even a real date. Now largely this is self imposed but being rational doesn't help.

and Third, how will this affect the girls? I'm really worried about the drinking. They can't be around him if he's drinking. I unfortunately think it's time for a visit to the lawyer.


Shupe said...

all sounds SO familiar-
My childrens' fathers' baby is due on the 18th of this month.........

I know what you're going through-
why is the arsehole all "happy" when they should be miserable eh?

But then think of it as a- he gets to start ALL over with the sleepless nights etc of having a new baby.
the drinking thing though- ya, a bit scary if it is a problem.
Good luck hun

Jeankfl said...

ooohh I understand why you're worried.. although all the stress is evidently taking him back to the same place you've been before.. maybe this time it will help you and your daughters out.. Never know.. at least you know what to watch for. Sorry about your migraine.. you evidently knew something was up, and were stressing about it! Just talk to the lawyer, and DOCUMENT anything you can! Wish I could help..

Laoch of Chicago said...


What is chocolate wine?

Tracie said...

Oh honey, happiness, (much like beauty) is only skin deep. He may appear happy on the outside, but i'm guessing if he "needs" the drink, he's not really happy. & You know you can be happy without a relationship. AND I do believe that even though there is no ring on your finger and cash in your pocket that you are truely a more happy person. Don't compare yourself to him. You are SO much better than that! (HUGS)

Chillygator said...

Chocolate wine? Interesting.

About dating, I think sane people take longer to get married because they realize dating sucks and avoid it (o: It's helped me feel better about not dating, anyway.

Maria said...

The chocolate wine is a dutch cabernet/chocolate mix called Chocovine. They were doing a tasting at a local wine cellar. It's kind of like Baileys. Really good in small quantities.