Sunday, January 4, 2009

If Flicka was bad, why would I take her to Marley

Remember when we watched Flicka and Emma ran crying hysterically from the room and I had to drag her back so she could see Flicka was OK? Well, apparently I didn't learn very well.

I took the girls to see Marley & Me. I had read the book, so I prepped Emma and Shannon about the sad part (spoiler - don't read the rest of this paragraph if you haven't seen it, want to see it and don't want me to spoil it). But even I got caught off guard. When they put Marley into the car to take him to the vet at the end, it was so much like when I took my Rott to be put down, it just snapped me back to that time. And I started crying. Shannon kept looking at me and asking if I was OK and trying to make me laugh. Didn't work. Every time I gathered myself together, something else would trigger my tears again. I kept glancing over at Emma and she seemed to be doing OK, right up until they buried him. And she started crying. Sobbing.

That of course was enough to pull me out of it, and I put her on my lap and tried to make her feel better. Shannon just kept looking at us like we were crazy. Walking out, Emma is still crying, I'm still struggling to pull myself together and I look at Shannon and said, "How did you become so heartless living in this family?" and smiled and gave her a big hug. And she just shrugged and laughed.

But poor Emma. She was still crying an hour after we got home. I know I said it before, but NO MORE ANIMAL MOVIES!!!


Laoch of Chicago said...

Ok, crossing this film off my list.

Kelly said...

Oh yeah, I've already told mine he's not going to see this one. I took him to Bridge to Terabithia and he looked at me at the end of that like I was a monster for taking him to it. No sad movies for us.

Anonymous said...

Part of me wanted to see that movie. However once I found out about the ending there's no way I will see it. I still haven't completely gotten over my parents putting my dog to sleep while I was away at band camp (that was over 20 yrs ago).