Sunday, June 27, 2010

A fun new hobby

Well, most everyone knows my exhusband is not one of my favorite people. Duh. Otherwise we would still be married. Well, the town we live in, like most of the towns near here, have alot of free concerts in the summer. And they happen to fall on the night the kids have dinner with their Dad. They run about 2 hours, which is about an hour later than his visitation time. Because some of the girls' friends go, they never like to leave. So I usually go with a neighbor, kind of sit separate and after they leave the girls come and sit with me. But last week, my neighbor wasn't able to go. So I took a book and thought I would just sit and read. But I got there at the same time as the ex and his wife, so I ended up sitting really close to them. And then his wife (who is very nice) started talking with me, so I had to move over to hear her. Awkward. And she proceeds to show me these pictures of her parents and then she show me pictures from the wedding, which was weird. And then out of the blue she says that she saw this picture of him when I was still married to him and she really liked his hair then much better than now. And I agreed, saying that I didn't really like his hair now. Noticing how uncomfortable this was making my ex, I then proceeded to tell her how one of my co-workers had mentioned that he looked like Piers Morgan (and he really does). And he's trying to laugh it off, but his pinched smile makes the resemblance even stronger. So now were on a roll. And the conversation moves onto how he's a total gagnet. It's amazing. Gay men seem to fawn all over him. And she's noticed it as well!

By now he's really squirming, and then his wife says, I think we should go shopping some time. And I add that maybe we should go to lunch. And I thought he was going to keel over dead! A great new pastime for me!

Then is wife emailed me wanting to know if I would go (with the girls) to a minor league baseball game! It's weird and uncomfortable, but the torture of him makes it kind of fun!

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Auntie Di said...

LOL He really does look like Piers Morgan! That's funny. Sounds like a great way to spy on the ex. I'm sure you could give the new wife a lot of helpful tips, too. So when she invited you to the ball game, does "with the girls" mean your girls or her friends?