Saturday, January 15, 2011

A parental victory (athough a small one)

Shannon had her first dance last night. I'm sorry, "a social", not a dance. We went shopping for a dress, which she NEVER wears, which resulted in her crying in the dressing room saying she was never shopping again. Apparently all the other girls were talking about the dresses they were wearing, and she couldn't find even one that looked right on her, at least to her. We talked and I explained that it was more important for her to be comfortable than wearing some dress that she felt awkward in. And I told her we could put together a really cute funky outfit by just changing up some stuff she had and maybe adding some accessories.

We decided we could work with a really cute blouse she had, bought her a new jacket and necklace and went home to put it together. Then she couldn't find the blouse. After searching for nearly 20 minutes I finally found it buried in a pile in her room. The inevitable question followed: would I let her wear makeup? I thought about it and told her as long as I could do it, she could.

We put her all together and I've never seen her look so happy. She practically glowed. And guess what? No other girls were wearing dresses and everyone loved her outfit. When she got home I thought she would never calm down. But about a half hour later, she was practically dead on her feet.

And I FINALLY got some bonus parent points.


Anonymous said...

Yea! The fear of peer judgment is so painful. I wish I would hurry up and grow out of it! hahahaha...

Way to go, Mom.

Jeankfl said...

Good going, Mom! Sounds like you did great(for once).. Mom's don't usually fare well, til the girls are grown up! Glad she had fun.