Thursday, April 1, 2010

Animal tales

My kids are with their Dad this week, so I'm getting to enjoy alot of quiet time. Really, only the first 24 hours is nice. But what is nice is that I can sleep a full 45 minutes later and still get to work early! Except today.

The weather has been so nice, I opened up all the windows this morning while I was getting ready. I sat on the couch to watch a little of the news, when I hear this muttering outside. It seriously sounded like someone having an argument with themselves or imitating someone under their breath. Being that it is quite early, I went to the deck and look out. Just in time to see two little ducks waddle past my door. Muttering to each other.

I ran to the kitchen, grabbed a piece of bread to give them and ran to the front door where I promptly terrified them so badly so took off flying. Oops.

So I stood there a minute, and movement in my neighbor's yard caught my eye. It was three little bunnies chasing each other around a bush. Even though I'm sure it was some sort of territorial dispute, it looked just like they were playing tag. Around and around until one of them smartened up and turned around. The bunny and his friend both jumped and ended up high fiveing each other in the air. Then the third bunny apparently had enough and ran over to my yard to hang out for awhile. And while it was a fun way to start the day, I find it hard to believe that my boss would be amused if I told him I was late because of the bunnies and duckies in my yard.


Just me said...

Too cute! And glad to see you back posting - I have followed you since Live.

Anonymous said...

Awwwww! Bunnies and duckies! How perfect for Easter Week.

L e e said...

Your boss just has no sense of what's really important in life, does he? lol