Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Yet another update (no disturbing dental stories!)

Summer continues to speed by at our house. And no, I’m not complaining about the cooler weather. I LOVE IT!!!!!

Shannon’s softball team finished up in second place for the season, with her salvaging a couple of games right at the end, so apparently she’s quite the talent. Or so the coaches keep telling me. Which, of course, immediately switches on my “sportsmom” switch, which is dangerously similar to my “stagemom” switch, and I instantly start thinking about trying to get her into a traveling team, etc. When I bring it up to Shannon, she just looks at me and says, “no”. Fine. Spoil my fun.

The saga of my tooth continues, but suffice it to say, it’s icky enough I’m not even going to share.

I started filling out my new planner (I’ve discovered that planners that run August – July work much better for me), and wouldn’t you know it, every festival, etc that I want to take the girls to they are scheduled to be with their father. And I can’t really justify switching any more weekends with him because I just asked him to basically give up the month of October so the girls could be a part of this Haunted House contest thingy with one of our neighbors. It runs the last three weeks of the month. No answer yet, but he’s been pretty good this summer about changes, so I’m really hoping he’ll do it.

I’ve discovered a new author. In the summer I really enjoy reading mindless fun books like Sophie Kinsella, Sue Grafton and Lauren Weisberger write. And I just found out that Madeleine Wickham is in fact the same person as Sophie Kinsella! Yippee!

And, I got a new neighbor! I’m so excited! She’s a single mom, about my age, has a 14 year old son, a 10 year old son (who my daughter has a crush on-can’t say I blame her, he’s adorable) and a 4 year old daughter. Plus, she’s as chatty as I am!

And, for those of you that have known me awhile, it’s time for the Margarita party this weekend! Woo hoo! The Fairie Queen does a great party with more flavors of margaritas than you can imagine.

So, pretty much, other than the whole oral surgeon thing, this summer rocks!


Laoch of Chicago said...

God the weather has been so weird here this year!

Jeankfl said...

Our weather has been cooler, too.. but not nearly as weird as yours!!lol Glad to hear you're ok.. Sounds cool about the new neighbor! Always nice to have a new friend with similar lifestyles.. I know, I know.. you've blogged like 10 times as much as I have this summer! Just not into it right now!! Too busy playing on FB. Actually, I do sit to write quite often, but just don't want to put anything on paper!lol Weird, I agree.. I'm workin' on it!