Monday, February 2, 2009

Miscellaneous grumblings

Well, I began working on the “Hawaiian” cake. Actually, I just started working on the palm trees. First attempt was less than successful. I used pretzel rods for the trunks and royal icing to make the palm fronds. Looked OK but shattered when I looked at them. Alright, I touched them, but just barely. So I have moved on to making them with fondant. If that doesn’t work, I’m screwed. Thanks to Auntie Di, I have everything I need for the party, from blow up palm trees to coconut bras and everything in between! So, thanks Auntie Di – you rock!

Then there’s work – so bad I’m not even going to talk about it. Except to say I hate my boss. No, I don’t really hate him. He quit and left us all (well all 7 of us) to deal with the owner who is a total a**. He’s 74 years old and he lives with his mother, who’s 102 and sweet as can be. He’s too cheap to hire help, so he leaves her unattended (and she really can’t be) saying she has one of those alert bracelets so she’ll be fine. He’s rude and demeaning, mostly to our boss. He was our buffer. I imagine why he stayed as long as he did, but he’s only been gone two days and already we’re all ready to quit. BUT, oddly, he does let me leave whenever I need to, let’s me bring in my kids when I have to. When it comes to family, he never complains. So we all stay, because we either have kids or health issues or family with health issues. I guess I shouldn’t complain, because few places would be that understanding. But then he’s just so mean! He’s condescending and demeaning, and just mean. He actually stuck his tongue out at an employee that complained to him about something. His standard response is always “oh well” when you try to talk to him about anything.

So really, deep down I really am happy for my boss. After everything he’s put up with, he really deserves it. I guess I’m just jealous because he has options I don’t have right now. I need the flexibility here. So I guess I should stop complaining. Sucky tho it may be, at least I still have a job.


Lee said...

I'm guessing the pretzel rods broke? Well, darn!
I've had some real winners for boss too. (Glad I'm retired now!) But the one that stands out most in my mind is the guy that constantly reminded me that HE was the boss! All of the other 'bosses' were women, he thought that automatically made him the 'big' boss. After five years, I found a better job, even one that paid better than what he was making! hehehe (Sometimes things do come together.)

Jeankfl said...

Yep.. sooner or later, you'll get a chance to do even better than there. Just decide he's had some strokes and let it roll
Good luck with the cake.. I'm not "crafty" like that at all, so I'm no help. I'd probably just go with

Shupe said...

well as far as cake goes! You'd be lucky to have one come out of my oven not a brick!! So cheers to whatever happens with yours!
As far as work goes- I'm sorry you hate it- but yes you have a yob- unlike half of the country right now!
so I guess we have to deal with the bad among the good eh?
I'm going through the same shit too hun!

MizAngie said...

Must be the season for work poop. Bleah!! Just think of all the bosses that are getting away with murder because we're all so thankful to have a job. Ugh.

Hang in there!

How about Tootsie Rolls for the trees?